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For over twenty years, we’ve been sowing, growing and providing plants to avid and casual gardeners. Are you interested in creating a beautiful garden? Do you want to landscape your yard to perfection? Whether you need plant advice, landscaping services, or just like to browse benches of beautiful plants, come discover what we have on display at our nursery. We’re tucked in the trees in East Falmouth, Cape Cod, MA.

Opening Day March 20, 2018








2018 Plants of the Year by Proven Winner


Supertunia® Bordeaux™


Annual of the Year

  • Masses of two-toned purple flowers with dark veining
  • Non-stop bloom from planting time to frost
  • Self-cleaning flowers—NO deadheading needed
  • Versatility of use in containers and landscapes
  • Excellent vigor and disease resistance
  • Measures 6-12” tall x 18-24” wide, trailing up to 30” long

PRIMO™ ‘Black Pearl’ Heuchera


Annual of the Year

  • Jet black, glossy, ruffled foliage
  • Keeps its dark color all season
  • Pink flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds in midsummer
  • Densely mounding shape
  • Heat and humidity tolerant
  • Pairs well with other plants in large containers
  • Robust grower in landscapes
  • Measures 8-10” tall x 26-30” wide with 18-20” flower scapes
  • Perennial in zones 4-9

Spilled Wine® Weigela florida


Landscape Plant of the Year™

  • Dark wine red foliage all season
  • Loads of vibrant magenta pink flowers in spring
  • Attract butterflies and hummingbirds
  • Not preferred by deer
  • Low mounding shape
  • Adaptable to most soil types
  • Grows in large containers and landscape beds
  • Measures 2-3’ tall x 2-4’ wide
  • Reliably hardy in zones 4-8

Help Save the Monarchs!


by Diane Miller


Things seemed a bit dismal in early July as we had not seen a single monarch butterfly at the nursery. None was seen at my home butterfly garden for that matter. I was becoming quite alarmed that this might be the year that we would witness the drastic decline in the monarch population. I had personally raised 1000 plus monarchs from eggs in 2016 (which was a full time job) and was certain that the future generations would have somehow found their way back to my gardens by the end of June 2017. I was also involved in the Butterfly Project at Spohr Gardens and was anxiously awaiting the arrival of these beautiful creatures as we had planned a public butterfly release for the beginning of August.  Read More

Hydrangea Haven!


Hydrangea Fun Facts


1. A hydrangea flower consists of two different types of florets: the showy, papery flowers are known as sterile florets and serve only to
attract pollinators; the tiny fertile florets are where pollination and seed-set take place. Mophead hydrangeas are comprised mostly
of sterile florets; lacecaps mostly of fertile florets.


2. Big-leaf hydrangeas and mountain hydrangeas are closely related and native to the same region of Japan, but mountain hydrangeas have better bud hardiness because they occur in the mountains where conditions are harsher.


3. Hydrangeas are notoriously water-needy, but the “hydra” part of their name actually refers to the seed capsules’ resemblance to ancient Greek water-carrying vessels.


4. There are about 49 species of hydrangeas. Four species are native to North America, including smooth hydrangea and oak leaf hydrangea.

Got Zone?

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